Office Policies

Confidentiality and safety first! Always.

I do not share your personal information. That would be a breach in trust. I take that seriously. The only things I will share is what you ask me to share (in writing), or, what I'm required to share by law (if that ever comes up).

And speaking of safety, before any therapeutic massage session of any kind, I require an intake form to know more about your health condition. Because see, if I don't know about implants, surgeries, medications, and other such things, I could unintentionally do more harm than good. I need to know so I can be sure to use techniques that are safer for you and your body.


I totally understand if something happens and you can't make it. That's life. If you have to cancel, or make any changes, please do so with 24 hour notice. Usually you can do that on the booking website easy peasy. If it's under 24 hours please text me and let me know about the change. (408) 585-9043.

However, please don't ghost me. I'll have to charge you full price if you do, and if cancellations and such become a chronic problem I'll have to ask you to pay for your session upfront.

COVID-19 Stuff

This office still wears masks. So please be sure to wear a mask.

I wear a KN95 mask, run a HEPA filter, and disinfect everything between clients.

We also got hand sanitizer for before and after sessions.

Friends and family still gotta wait in the car.