About Me

A little bit about me and what I do. 

Therapeutic Massage

I got my therapeutic massage training at De Anza College, finished in Jan. 2020. Yeah, how's that for crazy timing. 

Some of the cool things I can do: 

And that's a great segue to the Earth Reiki. 

Earth Reiki is a combination of two different techniques. I learned traditional Usui Reiki and became a Reiki Master in Mar. 2016. Soon after I learned Moto-Ki, which is basically earth energy healing. It feels like running a denser earthier version of Reiki. It's a delightful combination. 

I always use include Reiki for free. When I do Tarot readings, or during a therapeutic massage session, I always run Earth Reiki. Sometimes people want me to focus more on the Reiki aspect during a massage and that's totally fine. 

Yep. Tarot Readings. I have been into Tarot for several years. In Jun 2018 is when I knew I was ready to finally be a professional reader. I love Tarot so much. I find it so helpful with grounding and bringing a bit of clarity to whatever is going on. Clear is kind after all. 

I also teach Tarot and Reiki on my meetup group: www.meetup.com/tarotenergyhealing/ 

I also have my own resource website: www.ladyofradiantjoy.org 

You can also follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ladyofradiantjoy