Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my massage or bodywork session take place?

At my office! In a cozy, comfortable, quiet room. Soft music is typically played to help you relax, though if you hate that we can turn it off. You will lie on a table especially designed for your comfort, and I have a table heater too, so you if you get cold easy you will be comfy.

Must I be completely undressed?

NO! I actually have a no-nudity policy. Down to underpants only. I may ask you to shift the underwear here and there when working on the hips, but it always stays on. You will be properly draped (covered by an opaque sheet) during the entire session.

, it is ENTIRELY up to YOU what you want to wear. You should undress to your level of comfort. I know many massage techniques that do not require massage lotion. Therefore, if you prefer to be fully dressed I can still take care of you; no problem.

Will you (the massage therapist) be present when I disrobe?

NO! I will leave the room while you undress, relax onto the table, and cover yourself with a clean sheet. I give you a few minutes and then knock on the door first and ask if you are ready for me to come in. When you say "Yes" I come on in.

Will I be covered during the session?

You will be properly draped (covered by an opaque sheet) at all times to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

The parts that are safe (and legal) for me to massage. A "standard" massage often includes arms, legs, back, shoulders, neck, and head. However, where the focus is depends entirely on you, and on what your body tells me it needs (I do a lot of listening with my hands). If there is an area you don't want me to touch, I won't touch it; no problem.

What will the massage or bodywork feel like?

Hopefully awesome, the where you get stars in your eyes. Lots of people tend to notice tension that they hadn't felt before, but also feel it ease up; progressive release of discomfort. It feels nice to have someone touch you in a healing platonic way, and to just take care of you without judgment. I hope you will feel heard and seen.

Different kinds of strokes, vibration, etc will be used to help your nervous system relax and be open to the massage therapy before going into the deeper structures.

I don't have a set sequence because it always changes according to where you and your body are at. Questions and comments throughout the process are always welcome.

Are there different kinds of massage and bodywork?

Oh yes! I know all sorts of different styles, methods, and techniques. Neuromuscular massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, Shiatsu (acupressure), chair massage, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, visceral manipulation (belly massage), lymph drainage, etc.

I use all of what I know to figure out how best help YOUR body heal and feel better. And if I don't know, I find out, or if it's beyond my scope of practice, I refer you to someone else.

What should I do during the therapeutic massage session?

Relax and allow yourself to be well cared for. I will do my best to communicate with you throughout the session what is I am doing. I may either gently move you (such as lifting your arm) or ask you to move (such as asking you to lift your arm while I work on a muscle). Many people just close their eyes and completely relax, communicating if/when they need more or less pressure, another blanket, or anything else relevant to the session. Though I do my best to check in every few minutes so you don't have to remember to communicate with me. ^__^

Can I end the session early?

You are always empowered to end the session at any time for any reason. It goes both ways.

How will I feel after the session?

Hopefully, you will feel better and well cared for. Typically people feel more relaxed and like they can conquer the rest of their week. I have had previous clients experience a greater range of motion (such as in their shoulders), easier breathing, and experience freedom from long-term aches and pains.

What are the benefits of therapeutic massage and bodywork?

Therapeutic massage can help release chronic muscular tension and pain, increase joint flexibility, reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress, promote faster healing of injured muscular tissue, improve posture, and reduce blood pressure. Therapeutic massage is also known to promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and create an overall sense of well-being.

Moreover, it can help people keep doing jobs that require repetitive motion for longer periods of time and more comfortably.

Are there any medical conditions that would make therapeutic massage or bodywork a challenge or inadvisable?

YES. Your SAFETY is paramount. Please please please, answer the medical questions honestly, and let me know what medications you are on. Certain techniques will need to change depending on your conditions and medications. Example, if you are on blood thinners I cannot do traditional-style deep-tissue massage since that leaves bruises; which would do more harm than good.